Quality care that feels like vacation

It’s just like a vacation.

That’s what the 101-year-old calls her occasional stays in personal care at a Diakon Senior Living Community.

“My family—I am so fortunate to live with them—travels a lot during the year. They work hard and certainly deserve that time away,” says the woman.

“And I certainly never want to be a burden!”

Respite care offers short-term relief for primary caregivers, but also can be used for people who plan to return home from the hospital or rehabilitation, but need initial additional assistance with the activities of daily living while regaining strength. Typically, personal-care respite care lasts a few days through several weeks.

To ease her mind—and to ease theirs, providing assurance that their mother and grandmother is well cared for and enjoying an active lifestyle—the woman receives personal-care respite care in the Diakon community while her extended family travels.

“I’ve been coming here for more than two years,” says the centenarian. “I had tried a different senior living community in the beginning, but had a much more pleasant stay here.”

Her periodic stays have made the temporary moves easier and her family members know exactly what to expect from the process, a relief to them as they make their own preparations to be away.

“I love coming here because I feel comfortable with the welcoming staff members,” she says. “I see the same friendly faces each time—and I enjoy the range of services and activities that are offered,” physically distanced and safe during the time of COVID-19.

Her familiarity with personal care has made her feel “at ease each time I come back,” and will be important should she ever require full-time personal care or long-term care.

“My times here are very pleasant and rewarding,” she says. “My family gets to travel and enjoy visiting places and friends while on vacation.

“And I get to visit friends here and have my own vacation!” 

Candy Poust

Marketing & Sales Coordinator

Diakon Senior Living Services