The name of Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries’ blog, Many Voices. One Heart. is based on the organization’s tagline of Many Hands. One Heart.

That original tagline arose because of the multitude of services within Diakon—adoption and foster care, services for at-risk youths, family and individual counseling, community-based services for people of varying ages, comprehensive senior living communities including rehabilitation and health care—that daily transform the lives of children, youths, families, and older adults. The staff members within those programs are the Many Hands of Diakon.

And, along with volunteers, donors, board members, constituents and others, they do what they do as a result of our singular mission “to demonstrate God’s command to love the neighbor through acts of service”—the One Heart of Diakon.

Each year, Diakon directly serves some 60,000 people in Pennsylvania and Maryland, while products distributed through Diakon Kathryn’s Kloset touch the lives of several hundred thousand more individuals. Thousands of people make that service possible.

Those figures represent a lot of people. A lot of voices.

Many Voices … guided by the One Heart of our mission.

We invite you to listen.