Monthly Archives: March 2014

It’s a new season

Choking back tears, I looked around the room at the other parents seated near me and was relieved to see I wasn’t the only one trying to stay composed. We were at Accepted Students Day at my oldest daughter’s college of choice and they were showing us a “move-in” day video.

College? Move-in day? This child I have lived with and loved the last 18 years was going to go live somewhere else?

Cooking up support

I LOVE to cook and have some of the best memories growing up as a kid cooking with my family.  I used to spend countless hours with my siblings, mom, grandma, and cousins making homemade Pennsylvania Dutch chicken corn soup. We made everything from scratch including my favorite part…the rivels! As I grow older, I’m excited to carry on the tradition of cooking this with my family and friends! It was a no-brainer when I decided to become involved with Dining with Diakon. I enjoy cooking so much, I figured why not be a part of an event that includes cooking while benefiting a non-profit organization at the same time?

Puppy love

Sometimes, it’s good to let things go to the dogs!

I’ve used therapy dogs—all three have been golden retrievers—for nearly 16 years—making important connections with children and others facing a variety of life’s challenges.