Monthly Archives: May 2014

Job-seeking advice for college graduates

College graduates have come to the end of one journey and are ready to embark on the next. So what are next steps for a new graduate? The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) forecasts 1,606,000 students will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in 2014. Some will continue their education, while others have already lined up a job or an internship. But what about those still seeking gainful employment? For those students, Diakon’s Human Resources staff members offer some practical advice …

Listen, don’t label … ask, don’t fear

Earlier this month, organizations across the country designated a special day for children facing mental-health issues, with awareness-focused events promoting positive mental health for children and young adults under the theme “Listen, don’t label … ask, don’t fear.”

That’s a powerful—and very needed—message. As a professional social worker, I’ve seen the need for that message over and over …

Parenting a child with mental-health issues can be challenging, demanding, and exhausting. Parenting a child you know is struggling with a mental-health issue that you have no idea how to address is heartbreaking.

Celebrating a new family member

With Mother’s Day rapidly approaching, have you ever considered what it’s like to be an adoptive or foster care mom?

Most children and families involved in foster care and adoption will agree the ride is not always a smooth one (though is any family’s?), but the destination—a permanent home for a child—makes the journey of utmost importance.

Nevertheless, unlike a pregnancy with a predetermined timeline (that baby is coming around nine months whether you are ready or not!), each placement is a unique experience involving the entire family—an experience those who have not fostered or adopted a child or youth may not understand.