Immeasurable potential

“Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.”
~ John Whitehead, Rutherford Institute


That’s the one word that sticks in my mind when I think about Diakon Youth Services. The unlimited potential to shape the lives of youths in our community. The potential to do good. The potential to spread love and compassion. The potential to create bonds that last a lifetime.

I would encourage anyone looking to give back to the community to participate in the Dining with Diakon for Youth Services

Whether you attend in person or simply make a donation, the steps you’re taking will ensure that Diakon Youth Services can tap into and shape that potential for years to come.

While I know how successful Diakon Youth Services has been in promoting and providing a nurturing, caring environment for at-risk youths in the region, I care as well about the program’s potential to help even more young people in the future.

That’s why I chose to open this post with the quote from Mr. Whitehead—it’s the thing “we will not see” that matters today.

Whenever anyone asks me why community service is so important to me, I like to think of something my father wrote about my grandfather in his journal:

“I shall never forget his advice on taking his place in charitable actions. On one occasion, he told me he was scarcely able to get around and attend meetings which he had scheduled and said that he hoped that I would someday take his place. I protested saying that I had all that I could do to take care of the business and my family without adding to the burden of those extra activities. He looked at me and said, “A man is not a man until he can manage his business, his own affairs and then help someone who is less fortunate than you.”

We instill in every one of our corporation’s employees the importance of community. In fact, we’ve incorporated it into our core values. Understanding that each of us has the power to help shape our community for the better is only half the solution—the other is stepping forward and taking action.

Joe Wagman
Wagman Construction, York, Pennsylvania

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