Celebrating new forever families!

We are delighted to share this question-and-answer blog post with Diakon Adoption & Foster Care Case Manager Crystal Wanamaker about the recent adoptions of a large sibling group:

When did you meet the children?

I met Jayden, Ricardo Jr., and Mya the day they were referred to our agency, which was July 23, 2010. I met Ruby on Jan. 17, 2012. She was placed with her siblings two days after she was born. Jayden and Ricardo Jr. are 6-year-old twins, Mya is 5 years old and Ruby is 3 years old. The boys were adopted by the Rivera family, the girls by the Saylor family.

What are some of the challenges that were overcome?

Even though the children were young at the time of placement, they still faced the challenges of moving to an unfamiliar foster home with new caregivers. Those transitions can be stressful, especially because these children had been in three difference foster homes. But, with the help of caseworkers, other agencies, doctors, and others providing support and dedication to this case, the children now have forever families.

What are the children like?

The boys are smart, funny, intelligent, and kind. Jayden loves to help around the house and be the leader. Ricardo Jr. always needs to make sure everything is in order and organized. They are both energetic and enjoy sports. They are going into the first grade and have made a ton of friends. They both enjoy riding their bikes, watching movies, and swimming. They have a great relationship with their adoptive family.

Mya is a little “diva” and has a big imagination. She will be starting kindergarten. She’s a bright little girl with a huge personality; she is a great helper. Ruby is just like Mya—big personality and outgoing. She enjoys puzzles and playing with her sister. Both girls also have a great relationship with their adoptive family.

Tell us about the families who adopted them?

The boys’ adoptive parents are strong, kind, loving, and selfless individuals. They have been really patient through this long and sometimes-stressful process. They love spending time as a family and the children are their No. 1 priority. They are extremely happy to have adopted the boys and would love more than anything to extend their family.

The girls’ adoptive parents also are kind, loving, and positive individuals. They have been easy-going throughout the process. They, too, are very happy to have finally adopted the girls. During the 2 ½ years that the girls had been placed with them, they had a child of their own, so their family is complete. The girls absolutely love their baby brother.

Both families keep in contact with each other via telephone and Facebook and send pictures and videos to each other. They will continue to have contact on a monthly basis. The siblings really enjoy spending time with one another.

What is something you would tell resource families who have a certain type of child in mind, but are offered a different placement?

I would tell families to have an open mind and open heart. Every child deserves to be kept safe, loved, happy, and healthy. And thank you for what you do!

Crystal Wanamaker
Permanency Case Manager II
Diakon Adoption & Foster Care

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