Bridging the gap

Bridges are often a welcome sight.

They lead us to a new vista or, in many instances, home from a trip away.

Diakon Senior Living Services’ Bridge to Home program is one more instance of that important connection—a critical link to comforting surroundings, to what is familiar.

Diakon’s Bridge to Home service is a concept we offer to help rehab patients and others nearing the end of hospitalization or short-term care take the important steps to return home.

Robert is just one example of the impact Bridge to Home can have.

The 70-year-old had returned home from a short-term stay at a Diakon nursing care center, but he wanted to continue to improve his mobility.

Remembering the care he had received, he opted to be admitted to the Diakon community’s personal care center under Bridge to Home to gain another course of therapy.

Evaluated by both occupational and physical therapy staff, he began to receive intensive services. At the time, he needed maximum assistance to stand from a seated position and had to sit down after walking only three feet with a rolling walker because of hip and knee issues. He also required moderate assistance with managing the routine activities of daily living.

During his stay, he worked with therapy staff members every weekday. A family member with whom he lives became involved in his treatment and even observed therapy sessions.

At discharge, Robert was able to transfer from one position to another with supervision and could walk up to 100 feet with a rolling walker, plus he was able to manage daily living activities better. Motivated, he constantly complimented the staff assisting him.

And within four weeks, Robert was ready.

Given his successes, he was able to take the bridge to home.

Matt Petrauskas
Corporate Director of Sales Training and Support.
Diakon Senior Living Services