True dancing of stars ….

A little more than a year ago, All Saints Lutheran Church in northeast Baltimore city suffered a catastrophic fire. Fortunately, no one was injured.

As part of the recovery effort, Diakon Kathryn’s Kloset donated new office furniture to help re-equip the congregation for its continued mission in the urban neighborhood.

Wade Brown, executive director of Diakon Kathryn’s Kloset, and I attended the dedication a few weeks ago. It was a joyous event! The Delaware-Maryland Synod Bishop was present, there was special music, and the sanctuary was full.

During the offering of the chancel dance ensemble, power to the keyboard was disrupted and the music abruptly stopped!

I thought surely the dancers would falter and they’d have to begin again.  But such was not the case. Within a heartbeat of the music stopping, the congregation began to sing the words of accompaniment! The dancers did not miss a single step and continued on.

The musician corrected the power problem and re-entered the dance at the correct spot; the offering dance was finished to congregational delight and appreciative applause.

I was astounded. It was if they had practiced it that way.

A fire in a congregation is a terrible thing. In some respects, it’s very much like losing power. But with the support of God’s grace and the help of others, we find ourselves continuing to sing.

I like that image because life is not always smooth. Not everything goes as planned. Sometimes, in the face of disruption, upset, or loss, it’s a powerful witness just to keep singing.

The Rev. Mark Wimmer, MBA
Vice President for Church Relations
Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries

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